Kimberleys story

A young woman's worth

Kimberley’s story is a painful testament to the harsh realities many young girls face.

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Kimberley was only 13 when she was exploited in an abusive relationship with an older teenager. She was pregnant and trapped in a cycle of violence and despair. Tragically, her story is not unique.

Too many young girls like Kimberley fall victim to manipulation and exploitation, with nearly 60% of trafficking victims in Guatemala being children.

But in the darkness, there is hope. The Bible Society in Guatemala has a project reaching out to girls like Kimberley. Kimberley took part in the project where she found comfort, strength, and love. Along with other girls on the course, she discovered that she was not alone.

As she began to read God’s Word, and with the help of the Bible Society team, her life began to change:

“I learned about my worth as a young woman and how much God loves me and my child”.

Will you help girls like Kimberley and support the work of the Bible Society of Guatemala?

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