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Joseph and the Triumph of Grace

An adventure in the book of Genesis!

From the illustrator of Dear Theo: Letters to a Friend, comes Joseph and the Triumph of Grace.

This book of two halves features the story of Joseph in exciting comic book illustrations followed by an easy-to-read translation of the Book of Genesis.

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Throughout the story runs the line of grace.

Follow the golden line of grace as it runs through the book. The word “grace” describes when God gives good things to people.
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Order Joseph and the Triumph of Grace

£6 each with free P&P (multi-buy discounts available)

Each book comes with an accompanying journal to help readers think about and engage with the story. 

Additional Resources

Download our short videos which explain 5 key themes in the story of Joseph – God’s Grace, Presence, Promises, Words and Plans. Each video ends with a reflection question of what these things might mean to us. We also have chat sheets free to download to help create conversations around these themes.