Who reads the Bible anyway?

When people in the UK want to find out about the Christian faith, the top three things they do are:

Google it
Read the bible
Go to church

*Talking Jesus Report (2022)

When people want to know more about Jesus, picking up the Bible for themselves is an important first step.

For 38% of 18-24 year olds, access to a Bible was key in coming to faith.

Young people

1 in 5 UK teenagers read the Bible at least once a month.*

*The Open Generation, UK Report, Barna (2023)

Alongside this, in 2015 Transforming Scotland research found that 1 in 7 18-24 year olds read the Bible at least once a month. Recent research conducted in 2023, found that this has risen to 1 in 4.

Adults talking

57% of Scottish adults said they understood the Bible best when they discussed it with others.*

*Transforming Scotland (2015)

This rises to 72% for 18-24 year olds.

In Scotland there is a resurgence of interest in Christianity, especially among younger generations. People are looking for answers in the Bible, and want to talk about it.

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