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Guatemala is facing a welfare crisis for young girls

Many families live in extreme poverty, and communities are gripped by violence and fear.

Young girls often get trapped in abusive relationships. Guatemala has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in Latin America, where one in three girls becomes a mother before reaching eighteen. Most cases of teen pregnancy are due to abuse by a close family member. Some girls as young as ten are found abused, pregnant and abandoned.

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The Bible Society of Guatemala is helping these girls to heal emotionally and mentally so they can cope with being young mothers by providing support and Bible-based counselling.

The team in Guatemala are relying on your prayers and generosity to continue their vital work.

Your support will help bring the transformative light and love of the Gospel to Guatemala’s children.

Will you give to the tireless work of the Bible Society of Guatemala to bring the light of the Gospel to vulnerable children?

Letter Kymberley

‘I learned about my worth as a young woman and how much God loves me and my child,’

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