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Free Bible Study Resources

Download free, thought-provoking Bible studies in various formats to fit your group


We each learn and study God’s Word in a different way, that’s why Equip contains a range of Bible study methods from which to choose.

Some methods will appeal to those who have an analytical mindset while other methods are more reflective and meditative. Ultimately, the aim of each type of study is to hear God speak and for lives to be changed as a result of engaging with the Word of God.


What if there was a Bible study method that was accessible to everyone – whether or not they had read the Bible before? What if there was a way to read and study the Bible together that allows everyone to take part, discover for themselves what God’s word says, and hear God speak?

Lectio Divina

What if our churches could find a way to shut out the distractions, the phone calls, the texts and emails, the internet, the TV, the rush of everyday life and hear God speak through his Word? What would it look like if we could find a way to allow God’s words to sink deep into our hearts and lives?


What if every week your church heard the Word of the Lord spoken right into their life circumstances? What would it look like if, having made the connection between the Word of God and life circumstances, those circumstances began to be transformed by the power of the Word of God?

Talk the Word

When was the last time you were able to remember on Monday what you heard at church on Sunday? What if there was an incredibly simple method of studying the Bible together that is fun, interactive, and effective that enables God’s Word to sink deep into our lives and work there the whole week through?