Equip Bible Study - Psalms - Psalms of Lament

A Conversations study in the book of Psalms



The Psalms are the hymnbook of God’s people. Historically, they cover all of Israel’s history – from the Exodus out of Egypt to the Exile in Babylon. But the Psalms also cover the experiences of life – joy and wonder, sorrow and despair. Through the Psalms, all of life is brought before God. Often rooted in very specific, very personal individual and national circumstances, the Psalms take life and turn it toward God in song. For thousands of years, God’s people have read and sung these Psalms and through them, have taken their own very specific, very personal individual and national circumstances to God.

Throughout the Psalms we find Psalms of lament. A lament is a complaint, addressed to God. Laments take the troubles of life to God and look to God for answers. Underpinning all Psalms is a confidence that God is a God who hears and who answers. As you read and reflect upon these Psalms, may they provide a way for you to bring your pain to God, and as you do this, may you know that God hears and that God will answer. To encourage this activity of bringing our troubles to God and looking to him for answers, each study ends with an invitation to compose your own lament to God, based on your reading of and reflection upon the Psalm.

This is a Conversations Bible study resource.