Dear theo reading

Introducing the Bible to Young People

The youth leaders at a church in Glasgow were struggling to engage their young people with the Bible. The young people, who were all in early secondary school, found the Bible hard to read with lots of words in columns, chapters and verses.

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The youth leaders needed to find a way to make the Bible easier to read and more engaging for the youth group. The leaders choose to use Dear Theo, a paperback book of the New Testament books of Luke and Acts.

It’s just like a real book!

The youth leaders found that immediately their group were engaging with the book:

“We handed out Dear Theo to our youth group and began to read. One 11-year-old girl interrupted to say, “Is this the Bible?” I explained that it was a part of the Bible, the book of Luke and Acts in the New Testament, she exclaimed, “Wow, it’s just like a real book.”

Dear Theo is the book of Luke and Acts, designed in a way that helps children to engage with the story, without being confused by verse numbers, columns and small writing. Dear Theo contains exciting comic book illustrations by Jason Ramasami. His artwork is paired with text from the Books of Luke and Acts in the New International Reader’s Version (NIrV) – a Bible translation that is designed to be read and understood easily.

The young people were engaged with the Bible text, as it read like a regular book and was packed with quirky, thought-provoking illustrations. They discovered that the Bible was a book that they could read and in it discover more about Jesus. The book was an excellent way to share portions of the Bible with young people in an accessible way, changing young people’s perception of the Bible and encouraging them to explore the Bible for themselves.