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Dorothy's Story

A conversation over dinner changed the course of Dorothy's life.

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“A friend was having a dinner party and there was someone there who had just come out of Barlinnie prison, having served a sentence there. Someone had shared the Bible with him and he became a Christian. I had never heard the likes of his testimony before”

Inspired by the transformation he had experienced, she decided to become a prison chaplain.

“I would say they’re by far the most fulfilling, and most rewarding years of my working life. “I did a lot of 1-to-1 counselling work with prisoners as well as provide a service of worship each week for anyone who may want to come along.”

But working with some of Scotland’s worst criminals caused her to re-examine her understanding of God’s grace. “The Bible tells me that anyone who calls on the Lord will be saved. I had to sit down and say, Do I really believe that?”

You can download Dorothy’s story for free and use it in your church context. More films will be released throughout the Autumn.