Ali 1

Ali's Story

When Ali was diagnosed with chronic fatigue, his whole world around him collapsed. He had moved to Glasgow for University, and his heart for the homeless and passion for sharing the gospel had kept him there. But in 2017, as he was finishing his time at University, Ali began experiencing down spells of low energy. They would last days, weeks. It's now a case of months and years.

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His chronic fatigue is his own personal lockdown, where it has completely limited all he can do. It has meant he’s needed to re-evaluate his hopes and dreams and rediscover who God is:

“You can’t offer anything to anyone. You can’t offer anything really to God. You’re brought to this place where you realise either God loves us based on what we do or based on what he’s done. And so, it forced me to realise that it has to all be that God loves us because he loves us.”

Through all Ali has lost, he sees all he has gained through his relationship with God:

“God has to be bigger than what I’m losing here. God has to make life come out of this death I’m kind of experiencing. So, if that’s real, then we can have joy through these sufferings.”