Diego el salvador

A way to courage in a scary world

Diego was scared by the gang violence in his neighbourhood. But the Bible taught him to be brave.

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12-year-old Diego lives in a dangerous community in El Salvador. Gang violence is a real problem in his neighbourhood. With his father and brother having gone to work in the USA, Diego felt afraid in his own home.

The Bible Society in El Salvador has started an initiative for children and young people in these situations called ‘Fear Not’ that shows an alternative to fear through the Word of God.

This Bible, presented in comic book format, shows that God’s Word is relevant to their daily life, and can help them conquer the everyday problems that children like Diego face.

The comic book Bible was the help Diego needed to be brave:

“The Bible portions we are given are like stunning comics and the brothers who bring them to us make our spirits rise. We read the Bibles and learn to be brave and not fear.”

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