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The time has come

Who did he think he was?

The text in this magazine is a translation of an ancient, 2,000 year-old document. Now known as Mark’s Gospel, it’s one of the books of the Bible. It reveals the story of Jesus, whose teachings and words have impacted the world like no other. But is that all Jesus was? He was unlike any in authority of his time, and our time too. He was radical, revolutionary, miraculous, passionate and committed. And he died for his cause. But that’s not the end of his story.

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Simple layout, simple translation

Mark: The Time has Come uses the easy-to-read NIrV translation of the Bible. This translation employs simple English suitable for everyone, including children, young people and people who read English as a second language.

Alongside this translation, we have given great thought to the design, images and layout to help the reader discover this world changing book in a fresh way – whether it’s your first time reading or have known this story for many years.

Thoughtful, contemporary images

Throughout Mark: The Time has Come you will find modern-day images that will prompt organic questions and conversations for readers of all ages. We have carefully selected photographs and pull-out quotes that link to the narrative without distracting you from text. This style allows space for the reader to pause and consider the contemporary relevance to this historical text.