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Explore key Bible stories through books, films, images and activities

Bibleworld Books

A selection of storybooks, based on the Bible text, with bright, original illustrations. Bibleworld Books are a great way of sharing the Bible with young children and early readers.


Short films using the images and text from the Bibleworld series. For use in a variety of settings, from the classroom to church services.

Bibleworld: A tale of two gardens



These ready-made presentations contain striking images that help you tell the stories of Jesus. Each presentation includes notes, allowing you to share the Bible visually in small or large groups.

Outdoor Resources

Outdoor Resources

Head outdoors to share a story from the Bible. Help children discover more from God’s Word using games and challenges to encourage conversation. Can easily be adapted to an indoor setting.

Intergenerational Gatherings

Use Bibleworld to engage the whole church with the Bible. Each gathering takes a story from Bibleworld and gives you ideas that can be adapted for your setting. Use these resources to share the Bible at all-age services, Messy Church and at special events, encouraging all generations to learn from and with each other.