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Understanding the Bible through visual storytelling

Many people can find the Bible overwhelming – too much text, a strange layout – making it hard to grasp the amazing timeline of the Bible and how it all fits together.

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This can be particularly true for young people, who often engage better with very visual content, which helps them understand key concepts. It can be hard for youth workers to encourage young people to not only read the Bible but understand how it all fits together, especially at a time when highly visual content such as video games and TikTok compete for their attention.

Recently, a Glasgow-based youth worker had a conversation with two 11-year-old boys who were looking at one of the timelines contained in Joseph and the Triumph of Grace. This timeline shows what happens in the Bible after the story of Joseph at the end of Genesis:

Joseph inside

“It was a fantastic conversation. We talked about Jesus’ death, his resurrection, his ascension. The Holy Spirit’s arrival. What happened in the early church, and also about heaven.”

This conversation was enabled through the Bible being translated into illustrations. It was in a language the boys understood. One of the boys said that he had never understood the Bible like this, but he now had a big picture of the whole story that God has given us.