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Reading the Bible as a whole church together

Small or diverse congregations can struggle when it comes to reading the Bible together, with so many at different levels of understanding.

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Reading Scripture in a new way

Recognising the need to draw people at all stages into conversations about the Bible, one church in the North-East of Scotland launched a weekly book group using Dear Theo.

Dear Theo contains the text of Luke and Acts from the Bible in one easy-to-read volume. With no chapter headings or verses, it reads more like a novel.

The group found that Dear Theo brought greater continuity and helped them to have a better grasp of the developing story.

For many, the lively conversations around Dear Theo became a significant part of their week, but for one group member, it has been life-transforming: as a result of reading the Bible he encountered Jesus and is now taking his first steps as a follower.