Every Day Reflections on Love, Death & Resurrection

A three part Bible reading plans that explore the story of Jesus through the themes of Love, Death & Resurrection.



This Lent we have created three new Bible reading plans that explore the story of Jesus.

Free to download, each reading plan features 20 short Bible readings in a simple format that draws people into the Bible. Every day has something to read, something to think about, and something to do.

These reading plans are designed to be used by those who have never read the Bible, as well as those who have been reading the Bible all their life.

Why not download them and use them as a church or in your small groups?

Could you share these with people you know who don’t read the Bible and invite them to explore the Bible with you?

The three themes are Love, Death and Resurrection.

Love: Everybody is looking for love. But where can real love be found? Explore the God who is love, and how his love for us transforms us and our love for others. Just in time for Valentines Day.

Death: Death affects us all. But what if there is life after death? Explore the Easter story. It begins with Palm Sunday and is a great resource for Holy Week.

Resurrection: Our world is broken. But what if it could be made new? Explore the hope of the new creation. A fantastic way to follow Easter.