Love, Death & Resurrection

The Story of Jesus, his church, and the world he came to save



“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full“
John 10:10

The story of Jesus, his church and the world he came to save, as told by the books of the New Testament of the Bible.

No other figure in history can claim to have made the impact that Jesus, a carpenter from Nazareth, has made. The New Testament is his story. His incredible birth, his liberating teaching, his miraculous deeds, his death on the cross and the astounding news of his resurrection turned the world upside down.

The New Testament also tells the story of the church that Jesus founded. Convinced of his resurrection, the followers of Jesus have expanded over two thousand years to include an astonishingly diverse group of people, drawn from tribes, nations, and languages across the planet. Jesus came to save and transform. his followers, convinced of the truth about Jesus, changed and continue to change the world.

The New Testament tells this story through the words of twenty-six different books written between the middle and end of the first century. These stories have been shared by communities across the world for centuries. And now it is your turn. Read this Bible. Consider what it says about God, his church, the world, and you. And once you’ve read it - share this Bible.

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