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Hope for Haiti

In our recent Transform Magazine, we shared an article on ‘Hope for Haiti’. Since publication the situation in Haiti has declined and the nation faces a further wave of chaos and uncertainty.

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Haiti continues to navigate this dangerous new crisis. It’s a country which has long struggled with corruption and violence. But now the gangs are more heavily armed than the police, they have control of 90% of the capital, and Haiti has been described as, a nation close to collapse.

Since the Prime Minister’s resignation on 12th March, a transitional presidential council has been set up and has issued a statement promising to restore order. But so far, the situation on the ground is still dangerously unstable.

With gangs controlling some of the major transport routes into Port-au-Prince food, water and medicines are in short supply. Families are desperate and increasingly dependent on limited donations on the days when they can’t access food themselves. Their children go to bed hungry.

An estimated 53,000 people fled Port-au-Prince in March. Thousands seeking the comparative ‘safety’ of other cities where the gangs have less control.

The Haitian Bible Society office is situated in the capital Port-au-Prince and, despite the turmoil, they remain committed to the work of sharing the Bible.

In response to the overwhelming needs around them, Magda Victor (General Secretary) and her team are working with humanitarian agencies, to deliver God’s Word along with food, water and medicines. They work in a dangerous location, and don’t have the resources they need so they’ve asked the United Bible Societies for help.

In a recent statement Magda said:

Magda 2

“We plan to provide essential relief to those displaced, including Bibles and emergency kits with food, water, clothes, and sanitation. We will also prioritise trauma healing for young men and girls who have suffered unimaginable horrors. We cannot do this alone. We need your support and prayers to help us make a difference in the lives of those affected by this crisis.”

Now, more than ever before, the country of Haiti needs our compassion and prayers.

Pray that God may bring about stability in Haiti, and an end to the violence. Pray that he will give wisdom to those in leadership who want to work towards a better country.

Ask for God’s protection over the staff of the Haitian Bible Society and their families as they continue their work remotely.

    Pray for the thousands of Haitians who have been forced to flee their homes due to violence and unrest. Ask for provision and comfort for those displaced families as they navigate this challenging time.

    Pray for those suffering from emotional trauma as a result of the violence in Haiti. May God provide everything needed to build and equip Trauma Healing teams.