Ten Bible Stories 1002

Teaching Bible Stories at School

How can teachers feel empowered help their students engage in meaningful experiences as they look at stories from the Bible?

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Must Know Bible Stories

Teachers find that Bible resources for primary ages don’t prepare them for the incredible and challenging questions that can come up from a class engaged in the teaching, which is why we’ve created resources for teachers and pupils, bringing the stories to life, and providing further information so teachers can be better prepared for wherever their pupils take them.

One teacher found that as she introduced the class to Jesus walks on the Water, the questions came thick and fast:

“How could Jesus walk on the water?”

“Does he actually have really long legs and can reach the bottom?”

“Maybe he had God’s power!”

“If God made the world, does that mean the water has to do what he says?”

Using Bibleworld Book resources for P1-3 meant the children were gripped by the lesson. Engaging images held the children’s attention and the simple translation of the story provoked imaginative conversation. It was while recreating scenes from the story using objects found in nature that the class began to ponder aloud. And the teacher was ready to go on the journey with them.

Imaginative Participation

Bibleworld Books proved to be a catalyst for the children’s imaginative participation with the lesson. It prompted their curiosity and led them to ask questions about the nature of God.