Trauma healing training

Trauma Healing Training in Scotland

In order to become a Trauma Healing facilitator, you must first be a participant. And for many, this part of the training is the most vital.

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Bible-based Trauma Healing brings a group of people together in a safe place, where they can help each other heal. It is a holistic and Bible-based approach to helping people heal from trauma and recognizes that trauma affects every part of a person: mind, body and spirit. The lessons use art, stories, activities and questions to help people engage deeply with themselves, with God, and with each other.

To understand how effective the methods are, those being trained take part in a Trauma Healing course themselves. For one facilitator, it helped her to connect God’s Word to her own experiences:

“I learnt that this method, which has been used around the world, works for me. The facilitation training enabled me to organise groups and support others in my area to recover from their heart wounds. This is a whole different way of group care – everyone’s experience is important, everyone’s culture is acknowledged, everyone’s voice heard.”