Must Know Bible Stories noah ark
Story Two

Noah’s Ark

Explore the story of Noah’s Ark as you play and learn together

Use these resources:

  • As part of a context that links to the story. Perhaps you’re planning a context like ‘Natural Disasters, ‘The Weather or ‘Animals’. Exploring the story of Noah and the ark would allow you to link your RME teaching to these contexts.
  • When you’re exploring ‘keeping safe’ or considering ‘making and breaking promises.’ The story of Noah and the ark provides a wonderful way in to explore these concepts no matter what religious belief your pupils hold.
  • To start thinking on ‘expectations, consequences and punishment – what is fair and just?’. The account of Noah and the ark allows deep thinking and provokes big questions. These resources will help you to encourage your pupils to explore these questions and encourage respectful discussion.
  • Outdoors! There are so many possibilities to explore this story outside. You could create animals from natural materials, measure out the ark (it’s big!), enjoy a rainbow hunt or have some fun with water exploring puddles and floods! Many of our activity suggestions can easily be taken outside.

    In your Lesson Plan pack:

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    PowerPoint Slides

    Bring the stories to life with our beautifully rendered images from the Bible World Books series of Bible stories.

    Lesson plan

    Lesson Plans

    Let us help you navigate the story with our easy-to-use lesson plans. Alongside instructions, our lesson plans include brief background reading to help you with any questions your class may have as you explore the story together.

    Story Trails

    Story Trails

    Story Trails help you explore the story outdoors. They might invite the children to join in with the story as it’s told or test the children’s knowledge of the story with quizzes, puzzles, codes and challenges. Each Story Trail is quick and easy to set up and includes ideas to extend the learning after the trail is completed.