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China is desperate for more Bibles

Can you help provide the paper to get them printed?

Millions of people in China have turned their lives to Jesus - with a million more coming to faith every year.

But very few of these new Christians can afford a Bible.

You can change the lives of those desperate for God’s Word. Will you help put a Bible into their hands?

The Amity Printing Company was established by our partners in China to provide affordable Bibles to those who need them.

Printing Bibles in China

But with the cost of print production rising around the world and China’s strict lockdown measures, they face significant obstacles.

Having been granted permission by the Chinese government to print thousands of Bibles this year, they are ready to go.

When you contribute to the cost of the Bible paper, you help ensure that the printers can continue producing Bibles so that they can be shared with the millions of Chinese people turning to Christ.

Zhang Tao

Zhang couldn’t see a future without drugs

until he found words of hope written in his Bible.


There are millions of people in China desperate to receive the Bible. You can change their lives.

By keeping the cost of a Bible affordable, or even free, you can put the Bible into the hand of people in China who would struggle to buy one.