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Share the Bible

Over the last year, we’ve been thinking about this phrase a lot. We have realised that it sums up everything we do. We believe the Bible is a book to be shared. And we want to equip as many individuals and as many churches as possible so that they can share the Bible in their own communities.

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We do this, not only in Scotland, but around the world. We partner with other Bible Societies across the globe as we work toward our shared mission to enable all people to have the Bible in a language they understand, a form they can access easily, and at an affordable price, to aid genuine encounters with God.

You may see that we’ve started using the phrase ‘share the Bible’ and talking about sharing the Bible a lot more. And while it is a new way to talk about our work, there is nothing new about the Scottish Bible Society sharing the Bible.

All through our 213-year history, we have served the Bible needs of the church in Scotland and have taken global Bible needs seriously. We have been actively involved in translating and printing first translations, such as the Efik Bible in Nigeria used by Mary Slessor. We have provided Bibles for those in prison in Scotland and for those caught up in various tragedies. We have partnered with churches and organisations across the globe in hundreds of projects to reach those who need to know the truth and the hope contained within the Bible for themselves, but who haven’t ever had access to it before.

We thank God for those partnerships, for our rich heritage, and the legacy left by those who have gone before us. In 2023, we are looking forward to how we continue that work for the generations to come.

Watch Elaine Duncan, CEO of Scottish Bible Society, launch our new brand

You will notice that this year we have updated our brand identity. In print and online you will see a new logo, and a new colour scheme. And while we will largely continue doing the work that we have always done for over two centuries, you will hopefully see that the way we talk about each of our projects and partnerships has a clear link. While we are not changing what we do, we are clarifying why we do it. Sharing the Bible is front and centre to our work, our resources, our campaigns, and the support we can offer you in your own context.

‘Share the Bible’ is not just our mantra – it’s our challenge to you, our invitation into partnership with you, and a reminder to us that we are all part of Christ’s great commission. For those who have been transformed by encountering Jesus Christ through the Bible, we should seek out opportunities to share it with others, so that they may encounter him too.

We thank God for your partnership with us so far – when you pray, when you give, when you distribute resources, and when you invite us to speak at your event. We look forward to discovering more ways to share the Bible alongside you in this coming year, and marvelling together at how God transforms the lives of those who listen.