Bolivia child reading

Bolivia’s children need literacy materials.

Share Biblical resources to help them read God’s Word.

In rural areas, indigenous Aymara children don’t have books in a language they can understand or even basic writing materials.

In many cases, poor education leads to a cycle of of poverty.

Biblical literacy resources can break this cycle.

Our colleagues at the Bolivian Bible Society have seen their need and are determined to change the lives of children who might otherwise be left behind.

Presenting Bible portions in their Aymara alphabet, our colleagues are providing a way into reading and writing, all while honouring their unique culture and language.

And by engaging with God’s Word in their heart language, many children begin their journey of faith in Jesus.

Your support makes this project possible. Your contributions and prayers fuel this mission. Stand with us to ensure that the Word of God continues to have a real impact on the Aymara children.


Our Bolivian colleagues who are fluent in the local language also pour their hearts nurturing their language skills in reading, writing, and speaking through the Scriptures.

Last year, Scottish Bible Society Children’s Resources Manager, Jen Robertson visited Bolivia and was able to see this vital project in action.